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QT finds his heroine

09.09.2008by: Eric Walkuski

It would appear that Quentin Tarantino has found his next spunky heroine: A website called Monsieur Cinema is saying that Mélanie Laurent (a French actress with who has appeared in about 20 films - none of which I've ever heard of) has been given the role of Shoshanna Dreyfus in QT'S WWII epic INGLORIOUS BASTARDS.

The character of Shoshanna is a critical one, and without giving much away, I'll say that she fits right in with Tarantino's stable of take-no-shit gals.

Shooting is expected to begin soon in Germany, with an eye toward getting it completed by May's Cannes Film Festival (good luck with that). The cast already includes Brad Pitt, Mike Myers, B.J. Novak, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, Til Scweiger, Christoph Waltz, and Samm Levine. Look for it to go wide sometime in late '09.

Source: Monsieur Cinema



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