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Quill to big screen

10.30.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Since tomorrow is Halloween (hooray!), it is only fitting that a graphic novel adaptation of Dave Roman's AGNES QUILL: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MYSTERY has been picked up by Paramount pictures for a big screen adaptation.

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what the hell AGNES QUILL is and why you should give a flying f*ck if it's making its way to the big screen. For starters, check out the novel's storyline: Agnes Quill is an odd girl. At the age of 16 she inherits not only her grandfather's estate but his unique ability to speak to the dead. Now all the ghosts in the gothic town of Legerdemain are finding their way to her door—some want a favor, some want revenge, some just want company or a little adventure. In this first anthology of Roman's Web comic, Agnes faces grave robbers, zombies, mad scientists and a few even more bizarre denizens of the underworld.

Ghosts, undead, zombies, grave robbers, and mad scientists? What could be more Halloweeny than that? Thor Freudenthal has been attached to direct the new movie with Evan Spiliotopoulos set to writing the script and bringing the graphic novel to the big screen.

Because it revolves around a young girl, I can't tell if this is for the tween audience, or if they'll go a little more 'hardcore' and deliver us something even the biggest horror fan will enjoy. Let's hope it goes for serious scares and not some watered down tweeny bopper shite.

Stick around for more on AGNES QUILL: AN ANTHOLOGY OF MYSTERY as it breaks!

Source: Variety



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