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R Squared Films acquires Where the Dogs Divide Her

12.28.2010by: Alex DiVincenzo

R Squared Films has acquired the distribution rights to Hunger Cult Films' WHERE THE DOGS DIVIDE HER. You can check out the trailer below. Here is the synopsis:

As an unborn child dreams, a nameless stranger sits in a bathroom, his hands bloodied and trembling as he ponders a double murder he has no memory of committing.

This man has no memory or known identity, and in his efforts to find his true self, he is split in three separate components (three aspects of amnesia) and slowly unearths a horrifying family secret surrounding the unsolved violent deaths of his parents. But before he can come to terms with his crimes and escape this prison of the mind, first the killer must make contact with ghosts from a long-forgotten past - shadowy souls whose only purpose is to lure others into their hellish trap.

The non-linear film explores themes such as nostalgia, loss, and the battle between desire and reason. It is directed by Martin Rutley, written by Andrew Rutley, and stars Jon Stoley, Noel Forsythe, and Lienite Ozolina.

R Squared is planning a Spring 2011 release, but we'll keep you updated with the specifics.

Extra Tidbit: The Rutley brothers were inspired by the work of David Lynch to make the film. Are you feeling the vibe?
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