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Rabid Love spreads to DVD this March

01.27.2014by: Ryan Miller

Midnight Releasing will be dishing out RABID LOVE on DVD and On Demand this coming March to all major and minor digital platforms, rental chains and more. The DVD features an outtakes reel, behind-the-scenes clips, and on-set vlogs by star Hayley Derryberry. Below are a few stills as well as the art for RABID LOVE so be sure to check those out!

In RABID LOVE, a stereotypical weekend camping trip gets bloody when a stranger insinuates his way into the group and people start showing up dead.  Is it a large wild animal?  A blood-thirsty psychopath?  Or maybe a mad scientist's super rabies virus infecting the friends one by one?  Viewers will just have to find out for themselves by watching this unique slasher, stylishly made in homage to the 80's slashers that raised a generation of horror fans.

A group of recent college grads on a final camping trip together pursue their own agendas when it comes to relationships but must put aside their differences and try to survive when one of them disappears and something in the forest starts killing the rest.

Written and directed by Paul J. Porter, RABID LOVE stars Jessica Sonneborn (BLOODY BLOODY BIBLE CAMP), Hayley Derryberry, Josh Hammond (JEEPERS CREEPERS 2), and Brandon Stacy.

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