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Rachel Nichols and Zoe Bell fight to the death in Raze; promo trailer here

11.16.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Well here's an interesting item, sure to get the hearts of some - if not all - pumping a little faster. Does the prospect of watching sexy Kiwi Zoe Bell (DEATH PROOF) get rough and tumble with Rachel Nichols (G.I. JOE) appeal to you? Then you should start getting excited about RAZE, a new action-horror film that the producers are calling FIGHT CLUB meets HOSTEL. (But with lovely ladies, of course!)

The official site for the flick has recently gone up, and with it a promo trailer, albeit one that doesn't show much more than the two actresses threatening each other. Still, that's good enough for now; let the actual physical confrontation exist naughtily in our minds for now...

No other castmember have been announced as of yet. The director is Josh C. Waller, who produces alongside Bell, Kenny Gage, Andy Pagana and Robert Beaucage. Shooting has just begun, so hopefully a 2012 release is in the offing.

Rachel Nichols

Zoe Bell

Extra Tidbit: Is it really a fair girlfight if Zoe Bell is involved?
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