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Rambo... 5?

02.04.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
While RAMBO kicked all kinds of ass this side of Tuesday, sometimes you gotta know when a series is over and when there's room for one more. In my opinion, RAMBO ended everything nicely, and honestly... you couldn't have asked for a better finale. But is it the end?

The Weinstein's have been quoted in saying they'd like to see ONE MORE, though Sylvester Stallone has been quoted in saying RAMBO was the last... until today. In a phone interview with Reuters, talking about how awesome it is that bootleg copies of RAMBO are extremely popular in the former country of Burma, mentioned that he's currently gearing up to do a RAMBO 5...!

Stallone, who said he was gearing up to make a fifth and final installment in the blood-and-guts series, told Reuters ...

Either Reuters misunderstood what he was talking about, or it appears that a RAMBO 5 may really be on the way! Hard to know what to believe at this point, as he's said RAMBO was the last to some, yet a few months ago, said that another entry was a possibility... this right here seems to prove it: RAMBO 5 may be a reality!

I thought RAMBO ended the series nicely, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be down for another entry of RAMBO mowing down the competition - but where would it go down? Arizona? Can't wait to see how this all pans out...

To check out the full scoop and read how Stallone is at the top of his career with RAMBO (to him, at least), click HERE, and stick around as we find out whether RAMBO 5 will be a reality, or just a hopeful wish of the comeback action hero (with THIS DEAL just going down, I think we'll find our answer soon enough).

Source: Reuters



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