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Ramis confirms GB3

06.09.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
GHOSTBUSTERS 3 news has been coming out of the woodwork more and more frequently overly the last few months, leading me to believe that this f*cker might actually happen! I also believe this because stars like Dan Aykroyd also keep saying it's going to happen. And today, thanks to ComingSoon, Harold Ramis is saying it's going to happen as well.

While out pimping his latest film YEAR ONE, Ramis essentially had this to say about what the third part of the 25 year old series will be about: There will be new Ghostbusters. It's not about us running around. We'll be introducing new people.

This, of course, confirms what Aykoyd was saying a few weeks back (HERE), in his suggestion that hotties like Eliza Dushku may be part of the new generation of Ghostbusters. Kick-ass!

Ramis also talks about his involvement on the writing side of the sequel, alongside YEAR ONE writers Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, and whether he'll director the new film or not. To check out all the hairy details, click HERE, and get ready for even more GHOSTBUSTERS 3 news as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Ramis' directorial debut was CADDYSHACK. Great movie.
Source: ComingSoon



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