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Raven Banner Entertainment contracts Sick Boy: trailer, poster & pics are here

09.14.2011by: Jake Dee

SICK BOY, Tim T. Cunningham's low-budget sophomore effort is a movie we're just now hearing about for the first time. Thankfully, with the intro comes a lot of schwag for the film; namely a trailer, poster, a trio of photos, official synopsis and distribution news. A lot to get to, I suggest we get cracking below!

Now, before we jump into the exact prognosis of SICK BOY, let it be known that Raven Banner Entertainment just secured worldwide distribution rights to the film. The deal was made during this year's TIFF, although no release dates have yet been agreed upon.

SICK BOY stars BOOGEYMAN and FIRESTARTER 2: REKINDLED’s Skye McCole Bartusiak as Lucy, a young woman who steps in for a friend to take a job babysitting a young boy confined to his room due to a mysterious illness. Lucy begins to suspect the child’s mother, played by horror legend Debbie Rochon, is hiding something—the truth turns out to be far worse than she could imagine.

Nice, Debbie Rochon (below) in the house...any true horror head ought to appreciate that right there. it also seems this Cunningham cat is the brother of Sean C. Cunningham, not to be confused with Sean S. Cunningham, the dude of course responsible for LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and FRIDAY THE 13TH.

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Extra Tidbit: This one SICK BOY you'd care to touch?
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