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RE: Afterlife a go

11.08.2005by: Pat Torfe

Hollywood Reporter, er, reports what we've known for the past umpteen months, that RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is a go. Constantin Film and Davis Films are reteaming to produce the third installment of the series (announced Friday at the American Film Market) based on the survival-horror action games of the same name. German-based Constantin and Samuel Hadida's Davis Films also partnered on the previous films in the series. Screen Gems once again scooped up distribution rights for North America, Latin America, the U.K., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Portugal, South Africa, India and Pakistan. Paul W.S. Anderson (who still owes us Region 1 fans that DC of EVENT HORIZON he's been promising for who knows how long) returns to the director's chair, along with his wife Milla Jovovich, reprising her role as Alice.

In this installment, Alice fights the Umbrella Corpation and their plan to replace humankind with a race of undead clones. While I was let down with RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE after the great first entry, the premise for this film goes farther off the beaten storyline path than the first two films. That isn't exactly a good thing, especially with a niche audience like video game fans. While I give credit to Anderson for being creative, stick with the games' mythos and leave the 'Super Alice' thing alone, ok? And give me Leon Kennedy, fer cryin' out loud!



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