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RE4 in 2010?

07.02.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
STYD broke some news earlier that they're even a bit skeptical about, but I thought ya'll might like to know about it because a) a new RESIDENT EVIL movie is bound to be fun, and b) pics of Milla Jovovich are always a pleasure to look at.

Word on the street is that the RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE may be in the works, and the studio is eyeing a September 17, 2010 release date for the fourth chapter in the battle of the undead, continuing in Tokyo, Japan!

While I'm the lucky (or unllucky) bastard who hasn't seen RE: EXTINCTION, apparently it left the door wide f*cking open for another installment in the series, and to be honest with you, it would only make sense. It's quite the popular R rated action/horror franchise that continues to make money with every release, so why the hell not, right?

It's so early to tell that even the talent aren't attached to RE: AFTERLIFE (nice title!), but we can probably only assume that Jovovich and writer/director Paul WS Anderson will be back for a fourth round.

My thoughts? With Comic Con right around the corner, it would make sense to land a date NOW, and pimp the shit out of it at the Con. It'll blow people away to look forward to another RE entry. But hey--that's just me.

To check out the full scoop, head THIS WAY, and get ready for RE: AFTERLIFE in September of 2010!

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who thinks someone other than Paul WS Anderson should take over this series?
Source: STYD



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