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Real Life Saw? Kind of.

07.29.2009by: Jared Pacheco
It seems even Las Vegas are planning on capitalizing on the SAW craziness right now. Today comes yet another update regarding the franchise to join the host of updates we've informed you of in the past month. Before I get into the SAW update though let me ask you all something... Have you ever heard of the 'Fright Dome' in Vegas? Me neither.

Apparently Vegas have their own large scale horror attraction called the 'Fright Dome'. The 'Fright Dome' is a seasonal attraction as part of 'Circus Circus.' Here's the rundown on 'Fright Dome:' a five-acre, Halloween-season theme attraction that opened in 2002, features costumed actors roaming around in the dark, artificial fog to make everything all scary-like, plus strobes and lasers and sound effects. It also features rides, a freak show and special events. Well you can peg this upcoming news as a big special event coming this October.

It seems the 'Fright Dome' will be teaming with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to bring the world of SAW to Las Vegas. How you might ask? Well the idea is to open two park areas featuring a host of Jigsaw's deadly puzzles and games that YOU can participate in! That's right folks, perhaps you'll be able to strap yourself into the awesome jaw-ripping trap or maybe the nail mask? Sounds like loads of fun! Are we going for adrenaline here? Either way it's definitely interesting. This attraction starts October 2nd, just in time for SAW VI!

Here's a bit from Cinematical: The two Saw-themed haunted houses will attempt to recreate the games in the Saw movies which, honestly, didn't really look like that much fun. But if that's your particular cup of tea, according to Twisted Pictures producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules, "Visitors from around the world will be able to experience the terror of Jigsaw first hand."

Fright Dome and it's SAW attraction will be open from October 2nd to the 31st from 7PM to Midnight every night. It's got a hefty entrance fee of $34.95 with 'fast pass' tickets available for $15 extra. Be weary though.... Cinematical offers an extremely negative review on 'Fright Dome' from the Las Vegas Sun. Head right over here to check that out.

SAW 2's Emmanuelle Vaugier ... Could always use a picture of her!
Extra Tidbit: Would you willfully place yourself into one of Jigsaw's traps? If yes... which one and why?
Source: Cinematical



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