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Real snakes, real plane

06.02.2006by: Pat Torfe

After stuff like this happening surrounding the remake of THE OMEN (could some force be telling us something?), leave it to Fox to find more wierd news, this time in the vein of SNAKES ON A PLANE.

In West Virginia, pilot Monty Coles discovered an unwelcome visitor in his Piper Cherokee when he was attempting to land in Gallipolis, Ohio: a 4 1/2 foot black snake. Coles attempted to swat the snake away from him (something you probably don't want to do if you piss it off), only to have it fall between Coles' feet under the rudder pedals. It then darted to the other side of the cockpit. While maintaining control of the single-engine plane with one hand, Coles grabbed the snake behind its head with his other (yet another thing you don't want to do).

The snake reacted by coiling around his hand, as well as grabbing one of the levers on the floor of the plane and pulling it. Coles managed to radio Ohio airport and get clearance to land, which he safely did. After landing, Coles posed with the snake for pictures, then released it. For some reason, no one bothered to determine what kind of snake it actually was. Considering that West Virginia is home to a variety of snakes (including the poisonous Black Kingsnake), this probably was something that no one should attempt if it ever did happen to them.

Well, except for Mr. Jackson, of course. SNAKES ON A PLANE hits the runway this August.

Source: Fox News



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