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12.04.2008by: Mike Catalano
Please excuse the following rant, but all people who have been on reality shows and then think they're bona fide stars can go f*ck themselves. For some reason, if someone's been on a show like "Survivor" or "The Real World" or "The Amazing Race", why do they automatically think that they should be in movies? I've got a happy little wake up call for those folks: You Shouldn't!

Regardless, it looks like someone is giving a bunch of "reality posers" a shot at film-dom in a new horror flick called (nice title, Not!). This lame gimmick was already tried once before with a horror offering called THE SCORNED, which failed on many levels even though it did feature hottie-but-moron Trishelle Cannatella (top right). Anyways, NIGHTS is attempting to showcase the insurmountable talents of folks from shows like "The Mole", "Survivor", "The Biggest Loser", and "I Love Money" and its plot simply goes as follows:

The story follows reality contestants thinking they’re joining a new show to compete for $1 million, but realize a lot more is at stake as their fellow players die off in freakish accidents.

Just brilliant. The only positive I see coming from this flick is giving viewers the opportunity to watch a bunch of self-centered little bitches get killed. Too bad it's only a movie. Was that too harsh?

Source: Dread Central



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