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Reality Show Acid

08.28.2008by: Jared Pacheco

International site Aullidos recently got word on the newest project coming from SHIVER director Isidro Ortiz... and it sounds deliciously twisted.

Ortiz's next project is NAUMON, which is being adapted from the novel SULPHURIC ACID by Amélie Nothomb. Here's Amazon's synopsis of the book:

Tired of traditional reality shows, the television audience wants blood, literally. One day, while out taking a walk in the Jardin des Plantes, Pannonique is piled into a cattle-truck. Suddenly, it seems, anyone can be picked up and hauled off to the studio without a moment's notice. Set in an unspecified time, "Sulphuric Acid" tells the story of this reality TV death camp which has become the nation's obsession - an amoral spectacle played out through the media - as we follow the shifting fortunes of Pannonique and her nemesis, the guard Zdena. A huge bestseller in her adopted France, it once again shows the unique voice and imagination of Amelie Nothomb.

That sounds awesome! A reality show based on deaths... Wow. How far are we from that? Anyway, NAUMON is set to take place on a ship called Naumón and Ortiz is eyeing the gorgeous genre star Asia Argento to star.

Aullidos scored some concept art from the flick, which you can see bits of above and below. Just click through to check out the full pics. Once we hear more on NAUMON, we'll pass it along.

Source: Aullidos



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