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REC 3 in 2011

12.02.2009by: Eric Walkuski

[REC]2 has gotten really great reviews from everyone I know who has seen it, naturally leading me to hate those people (including our own Chris Bumbray - read his review HERE)... It still doesn't have a confirmed U.S. release date, but it continues its worldwide rollout this month in France and Belgium (DECEMBER 23rd), and moves on to the Netherlands in Brazil in February. Can North America be far behind? Better not be! That said, we've got an English trailer for you, which you can watch below. (It's pretty similar to trailers we've seen in the past, but it's still damn cool.)

In other news, the [REC]3 Facebook page has let it be known that the second sequel will be coming out in 2011. No date yet, but apparently the flick is already in pre-production, although a director has not yet been confirmed. Let's hope everyone gets a look at [REC]2 first!

Extra Tidbit: Anyone out there lucky enough to see [REC]2 already?
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