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Regina Hall, Anthony Anderson return for Scary Movie 5, due April 2012?

08.23.2011by: Jake Dee

Not sure where Auilldos got their source, so you might want to take this with the grain of salt, but it seems Dimension is casting up SCARY MOVIE 5. In fact, the films IMDB page claims an April 20, 2012 release. Just what the stoner crowd needs...a date they can forget 8 months in advance!

Anyway, word is franchise mainstays Regina Hall (seen right), Anthony Anderson and Kevin Hart are all set to return to the spoof sequel. If this holds, it'll be quite interesting to see Anderson go from SCARY MOVIE 4 to SCREAM 4, back to SCARY MOVIE 5. What the hell's this guy trying to pull?!?

While this casting info hasn't been substantiated, if we're to lend credence to an article we wrote in June, it makes sense Dimension is starting to get the gears churning on a 5th installment. That said, no word if director David Zucker will reprise his duties, or if series star Anna Faris will return.

Also unclear is which horror films will be under attack. My guess is the whole PARANORMAL ACTIVITY phenomenon will be lampooned, as will the FINAL DESTINATION flicks, and perhaps even TWILIGHT (although, wasn't there a whole movie about that called VAMPIRES SUCK?)

More on SCARY MOVIE 5 as it comes.

Anna Faris

Extra Tidbit: You in favor of SCARY MOVIE 5? Should Anna Faris return?
Source: Auilldos



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