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06.16.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
There's 2 main release date updates that will have you jumping for joy... or boiling mad, as you question the quality of the flick being released. For me, I try not to hold my breathe on any certain release date, as they can be pushed back from time to time, which can really bum me out. Of course, when a flick's date is moved up, the exact opposite happens- yes, SUPERMAN RETURNS is only hitting theaters 2 days earlier than originally thought, but goddamn did that make my month!

Dimension Films and Lionsgate had a couple of announcements today, first we'll start off with the good news. HOSTEL 2 now has a release date! Expect to see that badboy January 5th, 2007! Yup, the same opening weekend as the original had earlier this year. Smart move! Obviously the negative January-release curse didn't phase this puppy the first time, so why the hell not try it again? At least we have something besides BUG to look forward to this January.

And now the not-so-cool news. Dimension announced today that the American remake of PULSE is being pushed back from it's original July 14th release date to September 8th! What??? September? Is it that bad? I mean, that's even after Labor Day! What are they thinking? I was starting to think it looked pretty good, based on all the damn trailers they've been releasing for it, and now they're taking one of the only horror flicks out of this summer's movie line-up. Talk about a bummer...

This just goes to show that release dates are always subject to change- they're not foolin' around! It also goes to show that if a weekend worked one year, follow the SAW method and release the sequel with an ultra fast turn-around the next. Be sure to stick around for more release date news on these, and other upcoming flicks.

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