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Remake of Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things in the works

11.04.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Fangoria Entertainment’s start-up entertainment division Gravesend Film Enterprises and production company Accelerator are planning to remake Bob Clark's 1973 cheapie zombie flick CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS. Wow, now I know that anything is up for grabs...

The original film centered on a theater troupe led by an utterly obnoxious a-hole named Alan (played by screenwriter Alan Ormsby) who venture to an island graveyard to perform a resurrection spell; of course, they get just what they asked for and the results are (pardon the pun) grave. It isn't what I'd call a good film: a large portion of it is seriously undermined by the irritating director of the theater company and the first half is a complete bore; it's left to the last act for anything resembling horrific to happen... That said, I suppose the remake can easily be transformed into your typical zombie bash. (I wonder if "Orville" will stick around.)

Fangoria Entertainment president Thomas DeFeo said: “I’m very excited... I’m a big Bob Clark fan, and that’s why we chose to remake this movie. There are going to be a lot of zombies, a lot of good stuff, and we’re assembling a wonderful production team—the best—and also a great cast. This is going to be the start of many more great horror movies—originals and remakes."

No director or screenwriter has been announced, although Steven Mackler (DEADTIME STORIES) and Robbie Little (AN AMERICAN HAUNTING) will executive produce.

At least "3D" isn't being tossed around. Yet...

Extra Tidbit: Bob Clark made this one year before directing the horror classic BLACK CHRISTMAS. (Itself, of course, remade in 2006 starring Lacey Chabert).
Source: THRFangoria



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