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Resident Evil 5 sets aim on September 2012 release date!

03.03.2011by: Jake Dee

Man, I can't even remember the first or last time we wrote about RESIDENT EVIL 5. Can you?

Regardless of that, and the fact the 5th installment of the mega-franchise has yet to lock a catchy subtitle, Sony Pictures has gone ahead and set a release date for the film. Drum roll please...

RESIDENT EVIL 5 will bombard screens on September 14th, 2012.

No further details seem available at this point, but we can assume the gorgeous Milla Jovovich will don the brawn once more. As you may recall, her hubby Paul W.S Anderson directed the first and last installment (RE: AFTERLIFE). The interim flicks were helmed by Alexander Witt (RE: APOCALYPSE) and Russell Mulchay (RE: EXTINCTION), respectively. Wonder who'll take the reins on number 5...

So there you have it. Until we snare more on the film, take note: RESIDENT EVIL 5 blasts screens starting September 14th, 2012.

                            Damn I've sorely missed this shot of Milla!

Extra Tidbit: Outside the original, which is your favorite RE entry?
Source: eRc Box Office



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