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Resident Evil Retribution gets some timely updates via Milla and her Twittering

10.12.2011by: Marcey Papandrea

Aren’t you peeps lucky, two Milla Jovovich related stories in one morning!

Well the lovely lady just took to Twitter not long ago and gave some timely updates on RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION as well as revealing a casting list. If you have been keeping tabs, yesterday there was an accident on the set of the flick. Something went wrong and it sent 16 actors in full zombie make-up tumbling 20 feet down. Apparently because of the make-up and costumes the people on the scene had a hard time getting the actors freed and it was difficult to determine which were real injuries. The injuries were said to be harsh to some but not life threatening.

Here is Milla’s first tweet - G'mornin every1! Well, "camp evil" is slowly waking up after such a tough day yesterday. I jst finished make up n the sun is up, ppl r bustling abt, preparing 2 start the day. I'm glad 2 hear that April's (the girl who got injured yesterday) brother Christian is here w us this morning as a zombie extra! I'm gonna ask him how her night went and hopefully if he's here, she's doing better! I'm gonna go start wArming up for the sequence we're shooting this week n hopefully we're all gonna have a blast 2day! Thanks again for all your kind messages for our sweet, amazing zombie extras! We couldn't make these films w out their hard work and enthusiasm and we're so lucky so many ppl love to come and be a part of the RE SERIES!

She unleashed the casting list –

Also, here's the updated and FINAL cast list!

Alice: me!, Luther: Boris Kodjoe, Rain: Michelle Rodriguez, One: Colin Salmon, Jill Valentine: Sienna Guillory, Leon: Johann Urb, Barry Burton: Kevin Durand, Ada Wong: Li Bingbing

So there we are folks! Now let's shoot the heck out of this film!

Oh jeez! And of course our gorgeous and incredible Carlos Oliveira: Oded Fehr Sorry Oded! Didn't mean to leave you out!

Hopefully there are no more accidents on set and the rest of the shooting goes by smoothly.

Sienna Guillory starred in RESIDENT EVIL APOCALYPSE

Extra Tidbit: Are you pumped for this fifth installment or over the series?
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