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Revenge thriller Greetings to the Devil gets U.S. distribution

05.26.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Here's a film we're just hearing about, a revenge thriller called GREETINGS TO THE DEVIL, which stars Edgar Ramirez (CARLOS, CLASH OF THE TITANS 2). It's just come to our attention because it made a splash at the Cannes Film Festival and its U.S. distribution rights have just been bought by Maya Entertainment.

GREETINGS TO THE DEVIL looks like a gritty, hard-boiled action movie with a mean little synopsis: Story centers on a former guerilla rebel seeking a fresh start after turning in his arms and giving up his violent ways in exchange for amnesty. But after a victim from his former life kidnaps his daughter, he's given 72 hours to track down and murder the members of his former guerilla unit.

Directed by Juan Philipe Orozco and written by Carlos Esteban Orozco, GREETINGS TO THE DEVIL has also sold to multiple other markets around the globe: Canada (Mongrel), UK (Revolver), Australia (Madman), France (Wild Side), Germany (Senator), Peru/ Ecuador/Bolivia (Star), Turkey (Calinos), Middle East, and Indonesia (Pt Amero).

In addition to Ramirez, the film stars Ricardo Velez, Carolina Gomez (pictured below), Salvador del Solar and Patrick Delmas.No release date is available just yet.

Carolina Gomez

Extra Tidbit: Has a hint of MUNICH about it, no?
Source: Variety



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