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RH Sitges diary

10.13.2008by: The Arrow

THE RED HOURS world premiere at the 2008 SITGES FILM FESTIVAL

Now I was at this years Sitges Film Festival for many reasons (Eric Redís 100 FEET Ė to cover the Fest), one of them being to support my short film THE RED HOURS which was premiŤring there. Actor Deke Richards who stars in RH was also in the house and we were ready to rock and roll the screenings. It should be said, that I only had a rough-cut on hand (with temp color correction, temp sound and a cut Iím 85% sure on) but hey thatís all I had so f*ck it, I ran with it. The way i saw it, worse comes to worse, Sitges would act as a test screening for the flick.

Stepping up on the auditorium stage!

So the first screening was a Press Screening at the Sala Tramuntana, the least of the Sitges screening rooms (in terms of image and sound) if you ask me. The screening didnít go too well. One layer of sound was missing during the projection (which lessened the piece IMO) and it was obvious that the moderately big Press Crowd was not getting it as it was rolling on. Like...AT ALL!

At the end they gave up little clapping but put out lots of whistles (which are Spanish boos Ė I know, classy shit for press). They didnít like it. All good. I actually took the negative reaction much better than I thought I would. Granted, it took me 4 hours to process just having been booed (which never happened to me before, in bed aside of course) but once done working it in my feeble noggin, I was proud of my film and thatís all that really mattered to me. Hence the less than stellar screening rolled off my ass.

Myself and actor Deke Richards facing the crowd!

So it was with my guards up that I attended the filmís real screening 2 days later at the prestigious MELIA AUDITIORIUM. RH was playing before James Watkins EDEN LAKE, the room was uber packedÖ. AND I had to present the film in front of the whole audience. So after Lloyd Kaufman accepted an award, I presented RH (actor Deke Richards came up, to say a few words too) and James presented Eden Lake. Then they played RH. I got to say it; the audiovisual quality of the auditorium blew my mind. Damn! RH never looked or sounded so freaking good! I was floored. And at the end of the screening, -people clapped and not one fucking boo (or gay whistle) arose. So that one wound up going well.

After the screening, Deke and I hit the MELIA bar to celebrate via guzzling well earned beverages. Some filmmakers and AITH readers stepped up to us throughout the night (and days that followed) to tell us they dug the film. Even Troma guru Lloyd Kaufman told us that he loved it! Always nice to hear. So at the end of it all, THE RED HOURS @ Sitges wound up being a Ying and Yang experience in terms of audience reaction, but as a whole, it was ACES for me. You got to take the good and the bad in life and I am definitely a better man for it. Thanks for the opportunity SITGES! And thanks to Eric Red (who was there for 100 Feet), Gonzalo Lopez and Deko for the moral support. Back in the editing room i go to finish this sucka!

Troma's Lloyd Kaufamn, Deke and myself after the screening!


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