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Ricky's Hellhounds

08.29.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
Ah, the Sci-Fi Channel. Say what you will about their movies, they know how to producer entertaining trash at it's finest, and yes... they're even fun to watch once they hit straight to DVD. Usually pimped with no-name actors, that's all starting to change... for example, The Hollywood Reporter announced this morning that Ricky Schroder (child star from the 80s) is involved with a new Sci-Fi Channel feature, but this time... he'll be behind the camera.

That's right, Schroder will be stepping into the director role for the upcoming flick HELLHOUNDS, which goes a little something like this: set in 500 B.C., [HELLHOUNDS] follows a Greek warrior who's out to retrieve his babe from Hades. But along the way he must do battle with the titular canines who are out to stop him.

Can't you smell the quality of this flick already? I mean, wow. This is gonna be awesome. Scott Elrod is set to star as the Greek warrior in question, and no word on whether these hellhounds he'll be battling will be practical or CG... ok, who am I kidding? You know they'll be CG and you'll know it'll awful.. but in a good way!

The biggest question now remains, who will play Elrod's damsel in distress (see my pick below)? Filming begins this Sunday in Romania, so expect the final product on Sci-Fi sometime early next year.

Source: THR



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