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Ridley Scott re-teaming with his Blade Runner scribe for The Forever War

08.04.2010by: Eric Walkuski

Ridley Scott is currently 72 years old and he'd better hope he's going to live to at least 102 the way he piles on projects. Of course he's got the two ALIEN prequels front and center, but the dude also has WOLF OF WALL STREET with Leonardo DiCaprio and a f*cking movie based on Monopoly on his plate, and that's just for starters. Perhaps his biggest challenge, however, will be adapting the seminal book "The Forever War" for the big screen, which we now learn he's currently doing with the help of an old friend...

According to the author of "The Forever War", Joe Haldeman himself, the scribe attached to the adaptation is none other than David Webb Peoples. Sci-fi fans everywhere should immediately recognize the name and get excited - Peoples wrote the screenplay for BLADE RUNNER, which of course Scott turned into a film back in 1981.

Haldeman goes on to say that the script is already at its fourth draft, although it's still really up in the air as to how committed to FOREVER WAR Scott is. Like I said, the dude is old, and two ALIEN movies - if he chooses to accept that mission - will take up at least five more years of his life. Will he really want to jump into another sci-fi epic right after? Will he have the stamina??

Just wondering...

By the way, here's what the book is all about: [The Forever War] tells the contemplative story of soldiers fighting an interstellar war between humanity and the enigmatic Tauran species [and has] pithy, insightful explorations of the inhumanity of war and of bureaucracy, and of the psychological effects resulting from time dilation space travel.

Extra Tidbit: Anybody here read The Forever War?
Source: Joe Haldeman



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