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Ridley Scott's Alien prequel(s) will NOT be pushed back, nor is it green-lit?

12.08.2010by: Jake Dee

Y'all recall a story J-to-the-P ran three days ago that had Ridley Scott's ALIEN prequel(s) pushed back an entire year? Well, that shite is apparently hogwash!

Per The Playlist, who in turn cites a Fox representative they spoke with, word is there is "no truth" to the delay reports...which would keep at least the first part of the film in line with its original 2012 release date, right? Not so fast...

Word also came in that an ALIEN "prequel" hasn't even been officially green-lit. Lemme retype that shite: Fox has yet to give Ridley the full go-ahead on his oft-discussed ALIEN back-stories. If the film's not officially waved-home, how can the release of which be delayed? Quite a dilemma!

So what do you guys and gals think? Is Fox just getting all of its ducks in a row before undertaking such a massive franchise reboot? Is the casting hold-up a reason Fox is balking? Perhaps there's still a fission between Fox and Scott on creative matters, as we reported to you awhile back.

All intriguing business, no doubt...guess we'll just have to wait and see how it shapes up...

Extra Tidbit: Olivia Wilde (above), whose name has been bandied about as a potential Alien prequel star, is my guess/vote for JoBlo hottie of the year 2010. Who's yours???
Source: The Playlist



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