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Ring / Grudge crossover Sadako vs. Kayako gets an odd promo

04.28.2016by: Cody Hamman

Sadako vs. Kayako

If I understood Japanese, I'd probably be a lot less baffled by this new promo for SADAKO VS. KAYAKO, the upcoming crossover between the THE RING and THE GRUDGE franchises. Still, having your iconic creeps looking extremely goofy against a white backdrop doesn't seem like the best way to promote a shadow-shrouded horror film.

Anyway, the promo does remind us that SADAKO VS. KAYAKO will be reaching theatres in Japan on June 18th.

Directed by Kōji Shiraishi, the film has the following synopsis: 

Tina Tamashiro stars as Suzuka Takagi, a girl who carries Kayako's curse after exploring the abandoned house, while Mizuki Yamamoto plays Yūri Kurahashi, a girl caught between Sadako and Kayako.

I can't say I'm as hyped for this as I was for FREDDY VS. JASON back in the day, but I do find the concept to be very fun.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to SADAKO VS. KAYAKO?



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