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Rio director to helm live-action monster flick Shadows

06.24.2015by: Brennan Klein

20th Century Fox has just picked up SHADOWS, an upcoming horror project to be directed by Carlos Saldanha, the man behind - of all things - RIO. If Saldahna's action debut goes well, there is a plan in place for a three-film SHADOWS franchise. Almost nothing is known about the film yet, other than the fact that it is a:

Live-action/CGI monster project, which is set in the world of cryptozoology.

There is a precedent for animation directors going to horror, but the most recent is Gil Kenan (MONSTER HOUSE), who directed the POLTERGEIST remake. That film didn't exactly go well, so we'll just have to wait and see if history can avoid repeating itself.

Saldahna is also set to pen the upcoming Play-Doh movie, which is an even more terrifying prospect.

An artist's rendering of the finished product
Extra Tidbit: Do you think Micallef is a good fit for a monster film?



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