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Sad news. RIP David Hess and Charles Napier. Thanks for the fine work.

10.09.2011by: The Arrow

Sad news. Songwriter and actor DAVID HESS died yesterday at the age of 69, he had a heart attack. Hess will of course always be remembered by us genre fans as Krug Stilo, the sadistic leader in Wes Craven's classic LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972). The man had a great rep, he was nice, true to his convictions and always pleasant with his fans.

Yesterday, his children updated his Facebook page with this message: "It is with great sadness that we have said our last goodbyes to our beloved dad and friend to all. David passed away peacefully last night. The Mad Hessian lives on in his family, friends, and all of his devoted fans. Sing a song in celebration of his life."

In further sad new, actor CHARLES NAPIER also passed on recently (on October 5th). Many will remember him as the singing Tucker McElroy from THE BLUES BROTHERS (1980), but I'll always remember him as the slimy Marshall Murdock from RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART 2 (1985). He died at 75 years old and he is survived by his three children.

Both men shall live on through the love of their friends and family and of course through the work they left behind. RIP gents.



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