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RIP: Visual effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen

May. 7, 2013by: Eric Walkuski

Incredibly sad news to report, especially for us fans of all things monsters, creatures and special effects: Ray Harryhausen has passed away at the age of 92. A statement from his family on his official Facebook page made the announcement around 12:30pm ET.

Here you can read the announcement in its entirety:

The Harryhausen family regret to announce the death of Ray Harryhausen, Visual Effects pioneer and stop-motion model animator. He was a multi-award winner which includes a special Oscar and BAFTA. Rays influence on todays film makers was enormous, with luminaries; Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, John Landis and the UKs own Nick Park have cited Harryhausen as being the man whose work inspired their own creations.

Harryhausens fascination with animated models began when he first saw Willis OBriens creations in KING KONG with his boyhood friend, the author Ray Bradbury in 1933, and he made his first foray into filmmaking in 1935 with home-movies that featured his youthful attempts at model animation. Over the period of the next 46 years, he made some of the genres best known movies MIGHTY JOE YOUNG (1949), IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA (1955), 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH (1957), MYSTERIOUS ISLAND (1961), ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (1966), THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969), three films based on the adventures of SINBAD and CLASH OF THE TITANS (1981). He is perhaps best remembered for his extraordinary animation of seven skeletons in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS (1963) which took him three months to film.

Harryhausens genius was in being able to bring his models alive. Whether they were prehistoric dinosaurs or mythological creatures, in Rays hands they were no longer puppets but became instead characters in their own right, just as important as the actors they played against and in most cases even more so.

Today The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation, a charitable Trust set up by Ray on the 10th April 1986, is devoted to the protection of Rays name and body of work as well as archiving, preserving and restoring Rays extensive Collection.

Tributes have been heaped upon Harryhausen for his work by his peers in recent years.

Ray has been a great inspiration to us all in special visual industry. The art of his earlier films, which most of us grew up on, inspired us so much. Without Ray Harryhausen, there would likely have been no STAR WARS
George Lucas.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS is my Ray Harryhausen movie. Without his life-long love of his wondrous images and storytelling it would never have been made not by me at least
Peter Jackson

In my mind he will always be the king of stop-motion animation
Nick Park

"His legacy of course is in good hands
Because its carried in the DNA of so many film fans."
Randy Cook

"You know Im always saying to the guys that I work with now on computer graphics do it like Ray Harryhausen
Phil Tippett

What we do now digitally with computers, Ray did digitally long before but without computers. Only with his digits.
Terry Gilliam.

"His patience, his endurance have inspired so many of us."
Peter Jackson

"Ray, your inspiration goes with us forever."
Steven Spielberg

"I think all of us who are practioners in the arts of science fiction and fantasy movies now all feel that were standing on the shoulders of a giant.
If not for Rays contribution to the collective dreamscape, we wouldnt be who we are."
James Cameron

Check out this nice tribute to Harryhausen from YouTube user TheStrangeCreature:

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Ray Harryhausen FX work? Sound off below!
Source: Facebook


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7:50PM on 05/07/2013
Sad news indeed. RIP sir, your legacy will live on. Extra tidbit: Jason and the Argonauts.
Sad news indeed. RIP sir, your legacy will live on. Extra tidbit: Jason and the Argonauts.
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3:30PM on 05/07/2013
Cool guyhe'll be missed.

Cool guyhe'll be missed.

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