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Rob Zombie talks David Caruso and CSI: Miami: "The longest three weeks of my life."

10.12.2010by: Eric Walkuski

This isn't going to count as "news" per se, but it's amusing and worth a quick mention. As you'll recall, earlier this year Rob Zombie directed an episode of the hit t.v. show "CSI: Miami", and while it's gone and pretty much forgotten (it wasn't very good, but that's beside the point), Zombie had a chance recently to vent about what he calls "the longest three weeks" of his life.

Appearing on Fox News' Red Eye, which is weird enough in itself, Zombie spoke candidly about dealing with the show's star, David Caruso, who is apparently not good with driving or doors or anything that doesn't involve him standing still... Seriously.

The best tidbit Zombie relays is that Malcolm McDowell, who starred in the episode as the villain, "purposely came in with the idea he was going to drive David Caruso up a wall," and the tales he tells makes McDowell sound like an even cooler motherf*cker than we had imagined.

Skip to around 3:55 in the video to hear Zombie's horror stories...

Extra Tidbit: David Caruso has only been good in one thing: SESSION 9.
Source: Fox News



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