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Rob Zombie talks The Lords of Salem inspiration

02.15.2011by: Alex DiVincenzo

Did Ammon's new piece about Rob Zombie get you interested in what he does next? His upcoming effort, THE LORDS OF SALEM, is gearing up to film this summer, and the shock rocker spoke to The List about his inspiration for the flick:

"Lords of Salem is an original idea, it's a new thing, it's something I've been working on. I grew up in Massachusetts, so the Salem Witch Trials was something that figured in big as a kid. Even as a kid they'd take you to the Witch Museum. And that might have something to do with the things that I like. It's based on historical fact about the Salem Witch Trials and their modern day repercussions, so the film takes place in modern times but it's a witch movie."

He adds, "I'm going to probably start pre-production in March, hopefully I'll shoot it around June and that's the next movie, and as far as the next musical project I'm not sure, I'd like to get another album out early next year and hit the road again, on another full tour."

Zombie's latest creation follows a DJ in Salem who unleashes a horde of demonic minions after she plays a cursed record. Are you excited for this one?

Extra Tidbit: I sure wouldn't mind if Zombie's wife, Sheri Moon (above), continued to appear in his movies.
Source: The List



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