Rob Zombie talks upcoming horror film 31, debunks rumors

Last month we learned that rocker and filmmaker Rob Zombie was developing a new horror film with the title 31, unveiling his new project with a video that looked back on some of his previous films before announcing the title of his next flick. While there were no plot details given, it was intriguing enough to fans of Zombie's work to begin some wild speculations on what the film would concern. Now Radio Metal has spoken with Zombie who was able to share a little bit about the film while debunking some of the rumors circulating about the project.

Zombie, who wouldn’t reveal any plot details, was able to confirm one thing we all kind of knew: that it takes place on Halloween night. About the title Zombie shared...

“31, yeah, because it takes place on October 31st."

When asked if the film recalls Captain Spaulding (from HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS), Zombie explained:

“No, it’s totally different. All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.”

The site pushed forward asking about the clown mask in the announcement video, which led some to believe that 31 may have something to do with Captain Spaulding, to which Zombie shared...

“Well, he doesn’t really look like him, I think. There’s a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesn’t look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie won’t.”

Hopefully we'll know more on 31 soon. I'm rather intrigued by this project as I've dug most of Zombie's work so far. We'll keep you posted on news regarding 31, including casting and plot details, as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited for another Rob Zombie film?
Source: Radio Metal



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