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Rob Zombie wants to make Devil's Rejects sequel, but probably won't

08.25.2014by: Eric Walkuski

Love or loathe the cinematic endeavors of Rob Zombie, it's probably indisputable that his best movie so far is THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, that crusty, grungy homage to 70s grindhouse flicks starring the barbaric Firefly clan. Though the three anti-heroes - Otis, Baby and Capt. Spaulding - met a grisly fate at the end of the picture (um, spoiler alert), it's never been unreasonable to think that we could one day see another sadistic family adventure; perhaps even in prequel form. Don't get your hopes up.

In a recent interview with Fangoria (via STYD), Zombie explains that we shouldn't expect to see the Fireflys again anytime soon - or ever again - despite his clear enthusiasm for the prospect.

Iíve always thought Iíd like to make another movie, because I love the characters, and I have an idea I think is solid for a third one Ė an idea that would make sense. The problem is, I donít own the characters now. Theyíre owned by Lionsgate, and they just donít have any desire to do anything. So it isnít me not doing it because I donít want to; I donít have the ability to get it done.Ē

THE DEVIL'S REJECTS wasn't exactly a smash hit - it made $19 million worldwide off of a $7 million budget - but it gained a solid cult following, just as almost all of Zombie's works do. But Lionsgate has bigger fish to fry at the moment, so a Firefly family reunion is likely not in the cards.

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see the Fireflys grace the screen once again?
Source: FangoriaSTYD



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