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Robert Kirkman teases Walking Dead season two zombie

06.02.2011by: Eric Walkuski

Very small bit of news here, but fun for you mega "Walking Dead" fans nonetheless. Robert Kirkman, creator of the original "Walking Dead" comic series, posted the below image on his Twitter account. Calling it a "season two sneak peek", it's obviously some dirty zombie bastard - rocking some grotesque facial hair to boot.

Filming on season two of "The Walking Dead" begins next week in Atlanta.

Wish we had more to share with you, but details are understandably under wraps. However, as the summer crawls along, I'm sure more info on the new season will become available. As of right now, it appears as though it's due to premiere around the same time as it did last year, Halloween.

Extra Tidbit: What storylines from the comic series do you hope they cover on the TV show?
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