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Robert Zemeckis bails on sea-monster epic Here There Be Monsters

11.09.2011by: Jake Dee

I can't remember the last time Robert Zemeckis had more directorial projects lined up than producorial ones, but that currently seems to be the case. At least, it did before this here news brief...

According to SFX, Zemeckis has decided to bow out of his epic sea-monster feature HERE THERE BE MONSTERS, a project we told you about in July. No reason for the departure was given, but it's safe to say Zemeckis, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures didn't see eye to eye on the material. Here's what producer Todd Lieberman had to say about the current status of HERE THERE BE MONSTERS:

"We're talking about potential directors. Robert is not officially involved anymore."

He continued:

"Brian (Helgeland) wrote the script. I haven't worked with him before. He's an A+ top-tier writer and has been for many, many years. I'm a huge fan of his and it was wonderful to sit down and meet him. It's an original idea that came from Thomas Tull, who runs Legendary Pictures. It's basically a retelling of the John Paul Jones story but inserting a sea monster into the mix."

Bummer. We know Zemeckis is currently putting the finishing touches on FLIGHT, and has YELLOW SUBMARINE lined up to direct next. As for HERE THERE BE MONSTERS, the studio is now looking to find a replacement. To that I say, good luck finding someone as capable as Zemeckis!

FLIGHT stunner Kelly Reilly

Extra Tidbit: If not Zemeckis, who should direct HERE THERE BE MONSTERS?
Source: SFX



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