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Robots rule the world in 2084, from "X-Files" vets James Wong and Howard Gordon

07.18.2011by: Eric Walkuski

An ambitious new venture is underway from a couple of "X-Files" veterans. According to the Hollywood Reporter, James Wong and Howard Gordon - both of whom worked for years as writers/producers on the legendary sci-fi drama- are collaborating with Alloy Entertainment to bring the world into 2084, a multi-platform tale of a future overrun with domineering androids.

Said to be a combination of 1984 and THE TERMINATOR, the story is set in the late 21st century, a time where robots, once created to aid humans and fight wars, now control the populationís every move.

Wong and Gordon conceived the project, which is being developed simultaneously as a film and a young adult book series, which HarperCollins is set to publish. Greg Rosenblum will write the books; Gordon and Wong will serve as executive producers on the films, although no screenwriter or director has yet been named.

Since the "X-Files", both Gordon and Wong have been working steadily. Gordon was the showrunner for the action-packed Fox series "24", while Wong made his mark in the feature film world directing the first and third FINAL DESTINATION movies.

Star of FINAL DESTINATION 1 & 2, Ali Larter

Extra Tidbit: Does this appeal to you? Or is it a little too TERMINATOR for your liking?
Source: THR



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