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Rogue gets April release. Yawn.

04.01.2008by: Eric Walkuski

This has got be be a joke. ROGUE still hasn't been released? Sweet lord. Our man The Arrow saw this beast last year (read that review HERE), but that's because the lucky bugger caught it at a festival. This must be one of the most-delayed movies in cinema's history. In fact, if you want a laugh, read my very first article for this site, which was about the Greg McLean finally film getting a theatrical release - on April 20, 2007!!

Well, now it's almost a year later and it's still clinging to an April date, although now it's April 25. Fangoria reports that The Weinstein Company will release ROGUE in the "top 10 markets" in the country. I'll believe it when I see it... Which will most likely be NEXT April.

If you don't know what this thing is about (although not sure how that would be possible at this point), I'll let The Arrow sum it up: A wildlife cruise in the Aussie outback goes to the shitter when a giant Crocodile decides to crash the party and munch down on the tourists. Its up to Michael Vartan and his powerful 6 o clock shadow and Radha Mitchell and her sexy accent to save the day.

Source: Fangoria



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