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Roland Emmerich conducts another alien invasion in Emergence

06.07.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Roland Emmerich has apparently found a new way to destroy the planet. The director has just purchased the large scale contemporary science fiction script EMERGENCE from scribe Nic Kelman.

EMERGENCE is apparently a "new take on an alien invasion story containing hot-button science elements". No further details are available.

This is not necessarily Emmerich's next project. He has been working on the nanobot thriller SINGULARITY for some time, and it was originally set to begin production last year, but the project has been stalled since November 2011 when Sony decided the script needed significant work. Emmerich is also supposedly working on two sequels to INDEPENDENCE DAY, but who knows how far along those screenplays really are.

Emmerich's next film, WHITE HOUSE DOWN, hits theaters on June 28th.

Emmerich's WHITE HOUSE DOWN star Maggie Gyllenhaal

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Source: Deadline



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