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Rollins Weds WT2 Director

04.18.2007by: Ammon Gilbert
Henry Rollins has been known to wear many hats over the years, beginning as a rock-n-roller in the punk band BLACK FLAG, morphing to an actor in such flicks as HEAT, FEAST, and the upcoming WRONG TURN 2. He's also the host of his own TV show cleverly titled The Henry Rollins Show, which started up just a few years ago. The guy's done it all, and now it looks like he's gonna be able to add preacher to the list. Wait- what???

You read that right, Rollins just sat down with Hollywood.com to talk about upcoming season of The Henry Rollins Show, and it came out that Rollins is performing the ceremony to WRONG TURN 2 director Joe Lynch's wedding! Check out this piece of the interview:

Daniel Robert Epstein: On the topic of making fiction, how was it working with [director] Joe Lynch on Wrong Turn 2?

Henry Rollins: He’s a wonderful guy. I am marrying Joe and his fiancée on April 21. I’m writing and performing the ceremony.

DRE: Are you serious?

HR: Yeah, I’m serious as a heart attack.

DRE: That’s hysterical.

HR: Joe asked me and I said, “Damn Joe, that’s a hell of a thing.” He and his wonderful fiancé Bri talked about it and said they couldn’t find anyone else to do it. I said, “Man I can’t say no to that, I wouldn’t dare.” So I’ve written this thing I really like and I wrote Joe the other day, saying, “Would you like me to send it to you, so you can make sure it’s ok?” and he wrote me back, “No, I want to be surprised, I trust you.”

Wow. I'm almost at a loss for words. Henry Rollins: The Wedding Guy. Pretty cool actually, as I wouldn't have minded Rollins performing the ceremony at my wedding- I mean, who can say that's happened to them before? Well now it looks like Lynch can, I guess. I can only imagine what Rollins is gonna say... let's just hope the camera's are rolling, and that shit pops up on YouTube soon after the wedding!

For more of the Rollins interview, in which he goes into what to expect from this season of The Henry Rollins Show, click HERE, and get ready for WRONG TURN 2: DEAD END on DVD later this year.
Source: Hollywood.com



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