Ron Perlman talks Hellboy 3 story, still wants to do it


Ron Perlman talking up HELLBOY 3 is nothing new. The actor time and time again has let it be known he's more than willing to brave the character's make-up again one last time in order to see the HELLBOY series completed properly. And, as you well know, it's quite apparent director Guillermo del Toro is too tied up with other projects to make it happen... not to mention the fact that you'd have to convince the studio to cough up about $150 million for it to be done correctly, which is almost certainly not happening. No, the odds aren't in HELLBOY 3's favor, but that doesn't mean Perlman is going to stop blaring the trumpets anytime soon.

In a chat with Empire, Perlman revealed a little bit about what we could have expected from the sequel. Seems as though the twins Big Red was expecting with main squeeze Liz (Selma Blair) would have been a big part of the story, as well as the end of civilization as we know it!

So why is Ron so eager for another Hellboy?

I really feel as though I'm done with the character. I don't have a burning desire to put that shit on again. But Guillermo told me what the resolve of the trilogy would look like, in broad strokes, and it's such an amazingly theatrical, cinematic idea, that I found it essential that we do it. We were designed to be a trilogy, with a beginning, a middle and an end. We've only done two-thirds, so I feel that we're not really done until we finish it."

In regards to the storyline:

Holy shit, he's the beast of the Apocalypse. He has to take down civilisation. He has to. It's non-negotiable. That's the foundation for the story, and that's why I think it would be a shame if we don't do it.”

I'll tell you this... The two twins: one would look like the mum and one would look like the dad. And one of them was going to be completely fucking corrupt, the other one angelic. Which one was which? Only Guillermo would make the fucked-up-looking one be the angel. So then that adds to the saga."

Sounds like there were a lot of intriguing ideas being floated around. Is all hope lost? We never thought Bill Murray would appear in another GHOSTBUSTERS movie, and that sure as shit is happening. Stay tuned.


Extra Tidbit: Are you eager for another HELLBOY movie?
Source: Empire



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