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ROTGB makes it's debut

11.02.2007by: PJ Germain
Just a couple days ago I told you about Hank Braxtan's RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS. Though being a fan film, it is amazing to see the amount of people who donated their time to help Hank create his GHOSTBUSTERS masterpiece. And by masterpiece, I mean, "Wow it's so f'king cool!".

RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS debuted over at Ifilm.com on Halloween and within a day it garnered over 3 thousand hits. I had a chance to watch it today and I really commend Hank (whom I've spoken with before) for bringing such a delightful rejuvenation to a film series that we all love! The acting may not be top notch but the film is truly an ultra low budget filmmakers greatest achievement! If I didn't know better, I'd confuse it for a legit theatrical release.

To check out the official website for RETURN OF THE GHOSTBUSTERS, click here. Otherwise go watch the film now, here at ifilm.com



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