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Roth updates Species

12.04.2009by: Jake Dee

A good half year ago our Bill Pullman dead-ringer Eric Walkuski had the (dis)pleasure of catching the skinny on Eli Roth’s moderately budgeted Sci-Fi opus ENDANGERED SPECIES (yes, $60 million is moderate for the genre, just ask Jimmy Cameron). Well, looks like the dude has chattered MTV up about said project, one that will indeed be his next directorial effort.

But that’s not the real juice. Turns out the dude is gearing up to undergo Visual Effects testing while he still tweaking the script a little. Not only that, he’s turning to his boy QT for suggestions. From the man’s own lips:

"Quentin (Tarantino) actually loved the draft and had some really great suggestions, so I'm tweaking the script. And I'm working out some visual effects tests, which is going to determine how I shoot it."

Although plot details are still under lock-and-key, ENDANGERED SPECIES will take place in an urban setting that will be largely demolished by a still roiled assailant.

As far as said destruction goes, Roth notes:

"I actually saw Michael Bay (TRANSFORMERS) the other night and I talked to him for half an hour about how much he inspired me to destroy things!"

Casting wise, Eli spits this out:

"There are certain actors that I love and that I'd love to work with and certain people I have in mind. But it's easier for me to hone and finalize and get the script finished and then the method by which I'm going to shoot it and then the order, and then cast it."

And there you are folks, the true dope!

Shooting looks to commence sometime next year.

Roth's PIRANHA 3-D co-star Elisabeth Shue!

Extra Tidbit: What do you say - is Roth consorting with Mike Bay a good idea?
Source: MTV



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