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Roxbury Pictures sign on for Spanish psychological thriller Painless

10.12.2010by: Jared Pacheco
It's no secret that we here at AITH try and keep our eyes open for any intriguing flicks not only from here in North America, but from all over the world. So when news breaks on an intriguing little psychological thriller heading our way from Spain you can bet your ass I'm going to take a second to tell you all about it!

The project in question, which actually came together back in 2008, is called INSENSIBLES (PAINLESS) and is coming our way from writer/director Juan Carlos Medina. News today coming at us from Variety have Miguel Angel Faura's Roxbury Pictures signing on to back PAINLESS, setting it up for an Early 2011 start date. Nice! Producers on the project include Antoine Simkine's Les Films d'Antoine, Francois Cognard's Tobina Film, Miguel Angel Faura's Roxbury Pictures and Portugal's Fado Filme. Simkine, Cognard and Faura are all signed on as executive producers. A Contracorriente has Spanish theatrical distribution rights. Wild Bunch has home entertainment rights in France, and Canal Plus and Cine Cinema share French pay TV rights. Ready for the rundown? Of course you are! Check it:

Set in Catalonia, Painless weaves two stories: in one, starting during the Spanish Civil War and running through to the '60s, an asylum attempts to rehabilitate children who feel no pain by teaching them physical suffering. In the second, unspooling in the present, a brilliant neurosurgeon who needs a bone marrow transplant discovers this dark past when he searches for his biological parents.

French actor Tomas Lemarquis (above) is the first name to sign on to the film and will star in the project. More cast is expected to be announced soon.

So what do you guys think? PAINLESS sound intriguing or could you care less? Hit us with your thoughts on the project below and keep it here for more on the Spanish psychological thriller as we await it's Early 2011 start date.

Extra Tidbit: Luis Berdejo, who penned the PAINLESS script with Juan Carlos Medina, recently directed THE NEW DAUGHTER, which starred Kevin Costner and Samantha Mathis (above).
Source: Variety



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