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Ruairi Robinson's The Leviathan gets picked up by Fox

03.27.2015by: Ryan Miller

The Leviathan

You know that proof-of-concept trailer that went viral the other day? The one with the giant eel flying around the sky and eating people in airboats? Since it recently got backed by none other than Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg as producers, now 20th Century Fox wants in on some of that sweet sci-fi action. Variety reports that the studio has picked up Ruairi Robinson’s THE LEVIATHAN, making it a natural fit given Kinberg’s first-look deal with the studio and Blomkamp beginning to build a relationship with Fox after coming on to direct the next ALIEN film.

What it’s about:

Mankind has colonized many worlds in a time when travel faster than the speed of light has been made possible by the harvesting of exotic matter from the eggs of the largest species mankind has ever seen. Those who take part in the hunt for the matter are mostly involuntary labor.

It's crazy to think that just a couple of weeks ago this was nothing more than some really cool concept art and now it's being turned into a full blown feature film. Awesome! Also, just throwing this out there, but eels are literally swimming nightmares. Gross, man, so gross.

The Leviathan

Extra Tidbit: Are you excited about this getting turned into a feature film?
Source: Variety



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