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Ruben directs Jack

04.25.2008by: Jared Pacheco
News coming in from Variety today has Joseph Ruben signing on to direct a new thriller from Bold Films.

You may remember Ruben (right) as the guy behind THE FORGOTTEN or maybe as the dude that brought us THE STEPFATHER. Yeah, that's a pretty wide range in the genre.

Well with this new thriller, Ruben is finding a middle ground. The flick is called JACK.

It's described as a medical thriller that centers on a doctor who rehabilitates and ultimately falls for an accident victim with memory loss, unaware that he is actually a killer.

Groovy. Let's hope for a pretty tapped killer. JACK was written by David Venable and has Alexandra Milchan, Marc Sternberg, and Bold Films' Michel Litvak and David Lancaster producing. Bold Films' Gary Michael Walters will be executive producing with Garrick Dion co-producing.

Shooting for JACK is set to start this fall. We'll keep you updated once we hear more.

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Source: Variety



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