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Rumblings of a Fright Night 2 already? You've got to be kidding

06.03.2011by: Jared Pacheco
Now before I get into this I'm going to go ahead and suggest we chalk this up to the rumor mill for now. I mean today's news is so absurd that it couldn't possibly be more than a rumor... Could it?

You see the folks over at Cinema Blend heard from a 'source' that DreamWorks are already talking about a sequel to Craig Gillespie’s FRIGHT NIGHT. Sequel talk? Already?! Jeez! This shite doesn't even hit theaters until August! But alas this is Hollywood after all, so I suppose anything is possible.

Cinema Blend even have word on what this potential sequel may be about. Now the rundown for FRIGHT NIGHT 2 is a little spoilery so I'm going to go ahead and suggest you continue reading with caution. You've been warned!

Our source tells us that DreamWorks is considering turning the franchise over to David Tennant for Fright Night 2. The followup would take place in a new city where Peter Vincent not only has to deal with vampires, but potentially other unexpected problems. Evil Ed wouldn’t be the movie’s villain, they’d go another direction, but Evil Ed will be in it.

They also note that Gillespie could be back in the director's chair. Of course all of this depends on how FRIGHT NIGHT does at the box office later this Summer. You can bet we'll keep you guys in the know regarding FRIGHT NIGHT, FRIGHT NIGHT 2 and everything else FRIGHT NIGHT related in the coming weeks so be sure to check back soon for more.

FRIGHT NIGHT's Sandra Vergara
Extra Tidbit: In your opinion what sequel out there is the most unnecessary sequel ever made?
Source: Cinema Blend



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