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Russell Brand headed for Beetlejuice type horror-comedy in Rentaghost

12.08.2010by: Jake Dee

Let me just say upfront...Damn I'm glad this isn't an outright BEETLEJUICE remake!!!

Okay, on to the real story.

Deadline is reporting Russell Brand is in line to star in a BEETLEJUICE type horror-comedy called RENTAGHOST, which is being adapted from a British TV series of the same name. Warner Bros. has just acquired rights to the show, which originally ran on BBC1 from 1976-1984.

Warner Bros. plans to specifically tailor the RENTAGHOST script (no writers attached yet) to the comedic quirks of Brand, who will play a stiff named Fred Mumford - a recently deceased dude who plans to accomplish for more in death than in his living days as a slacker. The corpse mobilizes, gets in to business with other zombies to start a temp agency for the dead. Mumford and his dead lackeys then rent out ghouls and ghosts to the living, until things take a turn for the worse.

Sounds fun, if you're a Brand fan. Still, it's a shame we have to continue to appropriate original foreign works instead of conceiving new material on our own. But...the hell you gonna do...

What says y'all? First off, are you familiar with the original "RentaGhost" TV program? Is Brand in a horror-comedy something worth looking forward to?

Extra Tidbit: How long do you give Brand's wifey (Katy Perry, above) before she starts acting in pictures? Wait, she's voicing a Smurfette in the SMURFS movie...how appropriate.
Source: Deadline



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