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Sales poster for Mick Garris' Invasion swoops in

05.23.2012by: Andy Madrzak

Remember INVASION? You know, the latest film from Mick Garris we first told you about a few weeks ago. Well, the "OUTER LIMITS-meets-MAD MEN" period sci-fi romp just scored itself a new sales art. Check that sucker out below.

In related news, Garris recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, dropping some additional information on his latest project:

"It’s a bit of different direction for me, but it’s great because I get to make a period movie but with a modern sensibility."

The director went on to describe the movie's setting as a time of "men in ties and hats and when you thought you could trust the government."

INVASION centers on a woman reporter trying to show a male-centric newsroom that she is more than just “boobs and a skirt”. In trying to step out of the style pages she’s been relegated to she uncover the truth behind an alien invasion.

Casting is currently underway.

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Extra Tidbit: Who's excited for Garris tackling some non-Stephen King material?
Source: THR



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