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Sales trailer for Missionary would like to share a message

05.21.2013by: Ryan Miller

DREAD director Anthony DiBlasi's MISSIONARY is quietly being shopped around in the ongoing Cannes market and has just released a very cool sales trailer for the film that stars Dawn Olivieri, Mitch Ryan, Kip Pardue and J. LaRose. I hadn't heard much about this flick until now and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. It looks like it's going to have some strong performances out of Olivieri and Ryan who takes being obsessive to an all new level.

MISSIONARY centers around a single mother (Dawn Olivieri) who gets romantically involved with a Mormon missionary (Mitch Ryan). When she decides to get back with her ex-husband (Kip Pardue), she discovers that the missionary is not who he seems, and will stop at nothing to get her back.

PoileyWood Entertainment produces the screenplay by Bruce Wood & Scott Poiley. Check out the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: What did you guys think of the sales trailer for MISSIONARY?
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