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Sam Worthington set to do space battle for Warner Bros.?

06.06.2011by: Jake Dee

Jeez, what the hell happened to Sam Worthington in the last year or so? Oh right, dude's busy counting his moon-high stack of green.

Until now that is...

Deadline reports Worthington is set to star in an untitled "space war" movie for Warner Bros, which just made a preemptive pitch deal with writer Aaron Guzikowski (PRISONERS, CONTRABAND). Word is Worthington's CLASH OF THE TITANS producer Basil Iwanyk is also onboard.

The logline for said untitled sci-fi action project is being shrouded, although it's described as "a grounded space war film." Hard not to think of STAR WARS or AVATAR there, but I guess another intergalactic battle scene ain't too shabby a prospect. What do you think?

Worthington's schedule seems free after filming is wrapped on a movie called DRIFT, which is now in pre-production. He also has THE FIELDS due out later this year, as well as MAN ON A LEDGE (in post) and CLASH OF THE TITANS 2, which is currently filming. All of this without mentioning his involvement in the planned AVATAR sequels.

Worthington's CLASH 2 co-star Rosamund Pike!

Extra Tidbit: You a fan of Worthington in general? How about the possibility of him doing a non-AVATAR space film?
Source: Deadline



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